After the introduction of the Fee for Intervention charges on 1st October 2012, there has been some light shed on what costs should businesses should expect from an HSE visit.

Since its introduction, the figures released for the period between 1st October and 30th November 2012 would suggest annual revenue of £4.3 million. Following visits to 903 properties in this period of time, 1,491 invoices were raised totalling £700,000, 30% of which were for more than £500 and 10% were for more than £1,000. The HSE has stated however, that income targets will not be introduced.

Without a CDM Co-ordinator in place for a notifiable project, Clients are in danger of receiving a fee from the HSE under the scheme. With inspectors’ time charged at £124 per hour, a sizeable bill is not out of the question.